Saturday, March 9, 2019

The United Nations with WomenNC: Day 1

Today, my fellow scholars and I began the journey to the 63rd Commission on the Status of Women. Since September, our cohort has been working intensely on our respective research projects with the aid of our RTI mentors and WomenNC leaders. This week, we’ll be presenting our work at the United Nations, coming full circle from the beginning of the program.

Upon arriving at the United Nations, we were able to obtain our grounds passes, which will allow us to attend sessions on campus led by NGOs and international governments. Coming to the UN was extremely significant to me: since the age of 14, I have been involved with Model United Nations and aspired to a career in international development. Being able to see the UN chambers and the portraits of all the Secretary Generals emphasized to me the gravity of our work and how far we’ve come this year as scholars. Everyone around me came from a host of different nations, speaking different languages, but all there for the purpose of advancing global gender equity.

UN ground passes with Amy, Amelia, and Jada

After visiting the UN, Amy and I were able to visit one of New York’s most iconic locations: Central Park. The most visited urban park in the United States, Central Park is filled with things to do and see. We were able to walk around the park and climb rock structures for a beautiful view of the city - a great beginning to exciting week!

Central Park and a view!

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