Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome to CSW

Arriving in New York City today instilled much excitement in our small group of students, despite having to wake up before 5 a.m. to catch our red eye out of Raleigh destined for LaGuardia airport. Despite our fatigue, we were all instantly reenergized as we walked up to the United Nations building to register and check in for this week’s events for the 55th annual Commission on the Status of Women. After obtaining a security identification badge, I took a second to marvel in the UN lobby at where I was standing, and why I am here. I am prepared for a week of exchanging knowledge and ideas, networking, and learning. I am most excited about the learning part. There are so many brilliant and passionate minds attending this conference, I am certain that I will only be able to benefit from their interactions. So let this week’s events commence! I am ready to represent WomenNC, and eager absorb the vigorous minds that are about.


  1. WomenNC team participated in CSW NGO Consultation day on Feb.23. Annie Clark, Kimmie Garner, Kristen Brugh, Katie Starr,who are the WomenNC fellowship recipients with Professor Joanne Hershfield, Anita Sivakumar,Annie Hardison , and Beth Dehghan are the members of WomenNC 's team at the UN Commission of Status of Women in NY. They will have a panel discussion on Feb.23 at 2.00 pm at 11th Floor of Church Center ( Hardin Room)


    Find the pictures of Vivian Pender the Chair of the CSW NGO Committee and Michell Bachelet the new Executive Director of the UNWOMEN.

    Michell was the Key note speaker today and she said" The Voice civil of society members should be heard!"