Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CSW's effects on a (n almost) graduate

My undergraduate career is quickly coming to a close in the next couple months, and I am personally viewing my graduation as a rain cloud over the date May 14 on my calendar. It’s not that I am not ready to graduate and finish my undergraduate studies; it’s simply that I am feeling the same senior anxiety that I am sure most experience before we go through a huge change. The last 16 years of my life have been lived in education. Because I have decided to not go immediately to graduate school, I will be stepping away from any formal education, and into a different reality.

I would probably feel a little more assured if I had a job lined up for after graduation, but that search is continuing until I find success. My main problem is that everything I am interested in being involved with is likely ran by a nonprofit or nongovernmental organization. If anyone DOESN’T have money expand their staff in today’s economy, you better believe that it’s nonprofits and NGOs.

What’s amazing to me right now is that the jobs I am researching and applying for are all rooted in my experience at CSW. Because I met so many powerful and amazing activists at the United Nations last month, I am inspired to follow their example in creating social change. I feel committed to advancing the status of women so much so that I want to spend the next year or two before graduate school working in the field of nonprofits and NGOs. At CSW, I met so many brave individuals committing their time and energy to humanist causes. They do what they do, not because there is a salary involved, but because they are conscious and impassioned individuals who wouldn’t know how to turn their heads away from the trials women face around the globe. I seek to follow their lead and join the movement towards gender equity.

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