Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh, How Far We've Come!

Monday evening was the WomenNC Fellow's presentation at the UNA-Wake meeting at Meredith College. As I drove to the event with my presentation manuscript printed and seated safely in my bag, I felt at ease. My tranquility was a striking contrast to the feeling I had three months ago, right before our rehearsal presentation event at the Woman's Club of Raleigh.

Instead of feeling nervous about how my research on sex trafficking would be received by my audience, as I felt in February, I felt excited to meet the guests of UNA-Wake and share with them my findings. The atmosphere in the reception room at Meredith was warm and welcoming. The room was abuzz as everyone sat down at long tables to chat while we ate a dinner provided for guests before the presentations.

Kristen kicked off the presentation with a great overview of the United Nations framework for addressing human rights issues related to the status of women. While listening to Kristen share her impressions of CSW and the UN, I began to reflect on my own experience at the conference.

At CSW, I was able to learn so much more about my research topic: sex trafficking. I was extremely lucky to meet the women leading the crusade against the various forms of exploitation that cause sex trafficking. I surveyed the different approaches NGOs take to combating sex trafficking, which, upon my return, has given me a great comprehension of the current dialogue on the best anti-sex trafficking policy.

I feel equipped to share my ideas with others, from curious citizens, to organizations interested in combatting sex trafficking. Thanks to CSW, I have gone from an informed researcher, to an innovative activist. I am excited to continue to share my thoughts on sex trafficking and its various policies as I continue working within the nonprofit sector.

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