Friday, December 12, 2014

Dina Shehata_Blog Post 4

I’ll start off with some happy news! I completed the first semester of my graduate program this week! It has been a challenging but incredible semester and I am very thankful for all the amazing opportunities I have had the pleasure of taking part in. I love my program and can’t wait for another remarkable semester in the spring!

As for the organizations I mentioned previously, for the best practice model, I have had the opportunity to interview one of the organization’s directors on the phone. I also attended an event for the second organization which consisted of mock interviews for the girls involved. I am waiting to hear back from the third organization’s director because she is out of town.  I was advised to have my research focused on women of all ages, rather than only young girls. This is why I am thinking of using all three organizations. One is for elementary school-aged girls, the second is for high school students, and the third is for middle school-aged children I believe. All three organizations are specifically for girls. I believe showcasing all three organizations would be a great way to have comprehensive research, research that includes women of all ages. Once I have finalized the organizations that I will utilize in my research, I will list the names and details of the organizations. This will be revealed in my next blog! I have been telling many of my friends about WomenNC along with the fellowship and they all admire the organization very much and are very excited for the presentations of our work in the spring.

Now that I have completed my finals, I will be heading home for the break and will take time to continue my research and complete the paper. I am very excited to include all my findings about the organizations I have contacted because they are great at what they do and truly make a difference in the girls’ lives.

Happy Holidays to all and I’ll see you next year!


  1. Have a great holiday, Dina. Will you see this little snowman? Stay warm!

  2. Dina, you are doing great work. Congrats on successfully completing the first semester. I can't wait to hear more about your experiences with the organizations!