Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hopes and Goals for CSW Fellowship Experience 2016-2017

When I first found out about the opportunity that WomenNC offers to be a CSW Fellow, I cannot explain the emotion I felt knowing I could potentially have a chance to make a difference in not only my community, but possibly the state.  As a first generation college student, I cannot explain how difficult it has been for me to navigate through the process of finding the right college, figuring out how to pay for it, and also the application process. 
            It was somewhat difficult for me to narrow down my options of what topic to research, but I have found that there is nothing better than to work on something I am very passionate about and also something I have experienced firsthand.  There is still much to work through on my topic, but to give you a broad overview of what I will research is the educational opportunities/resources available to the children of immigrant women, specifically how to increase the rate of students who go on to pursue higher education.  I am hoping that through this research I can a make long lasting impact on the community of Durham.  I hope the Durham City Council will find not just my research, but the research of my fellow participants significant and pursue through necessary legislation to make the necessary changes in Durham. 
            One of my goals is to put into practice what I have learned up to this point in the classroom.  I am trying to treat this as my first real life assignment.  As a public policy major, this research is something where many of my classes come together and I hope I can make not only my institution proud, but also my professors. 
            My overall goal is to take this experience and turn it into something I can continue to work on even after all of my work is done with this Fellowship.  I have found that everything I have done thus far, leads to the path of advocacy.  I am very proud of myself for being a part of this, and I cannot wait to learn as much as I can from this experience.  I am very excited to see where this will lead me!


  1. Cinthia so happy to be working with you as a CSW Fellow. I can't wait to see what you great work you do in the area of immigrant children educational opportunities!!

  2. Cinthia, great topic and I am very interested to learn more. Since the focus of UNCSW this year will be "Women's Economic Empowerment in the Changing World of Work," I hope your research might include a bit on how having full access to education for children of immigrant women directly impacts the women's economic status and long term earning power and potential. So glad to have you part of the Fellowship! Jackie Saber