Sunday, January 29, 2017

Research Experience

During my experience as a I fellow, I have learned a lot about the women of my community. I have had the privilege of discussing the reproductive rights of girls and women with staff members from jails, local non-profit organizations, and local scholars. Without their engagement in my research, I would not have been able to gain much knowledge over the reproductive services available to girls and women in Durham's jail facilities. Their support helped me come a long way from my research question. Though I have taken the time to collect information about this subject, I learned that there is still more information to be collected from facilities.

During my research, I found myself lacking enough details about the reproductive services for girls and women at Durham's detention facilities. I wanted to know more about the frequency of services provided to the girls and women. My hope is that Durham City Council will be inspired to adopt another method of data collection for the reproductive services of girls and women at its Durham County detention facilities. It would be reassuring to know that women who are incarcerated are being served their reproductive services just as equally as women outside of jail. As a researcher, I was amazed at the continuing efforts that non-profits have made towards the reproductive rights of women. I commend them on helping incarcerated individuals with their issues. I look forward to presenting my research to the supporters of WomenNC and CSW at the UN. I want to thank everyone that has assisted me with this experience, especially our mentors. I appreciate all the things you all have done to make every step of this process easier.

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