Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It has been a crazy past 24 hours. We have endured the Stella Blizzard. Last night the WomenNC group threw an informal reception for all the CSW attendants who were staying in the same hotel. Almost 20 people showed up to our event. Half of the people that attended our event were young high school students from England. It was inspirational. Knowing that young women and men are going through extensive measures to learn more about women. I know that every one of them has a bright future.
The most inspirational person that I met was a selfless woman from Libya. This wonderful woman seemed a true champion for women. She founded a non-profit organization called the hope charity (in Arabic). This foundation was created to educate and train women with the mission of helping them get an employment certificate. The foundation itself has helped 17,000 women with gaining marketable skills for employment. Women have learned how to sew, cook, and use the computer through the education provided by the hope charity. She mentioned to us that starting the charity was apart of her nisab. This is a religious obligation which requires Muslim individuals to donate 2.5% of their wealth. It seemed like this woman was contributing her whole heart to this organization. She seemed immensely passionate about helping women become marketable. She told me that her daughters were not involved with the charity as much as her. I was really inspired by this woman because I would like to help half of the women that she has in her lifetime. As a futurist, she got me thinking of all the ways I could help disadvantaged women make a better future for themselves. Someday I hope to grow older and help women just like her. She seems like the kind of women some of us wish to be. 


  1. I agree! our new Libyan friend was remarkable! and how lovely her two adult daughters were there to support her. showing up simply to be present and stand beside someone you love is one of the most powerful, quiet ways we honor those we admire and love. i love your heart-felt post, Cristy, and am sure you are already a role model yourself for others! Jackie

  2. Cristy--catching up late here, but what a wonderful don't have to wait to be older to help--you have been doing that along the way!! Find time after you graduate to keep that feminist power alive helping others discover that participating and caring makes a difference