Friday, March 8, 2013

Local to Global (Marzy's blog)

My fellowship’s local to global part has been unbelievably awesome. I cannot believe that we have one more day remaining, but I believe that I have used and enjoyed every second of it. When I look at the events’ schedule, I want to go to every single event, but unfortunately I am not able to go to more than four events every day.

My local to global program gave me the opportunity to get valuable information from women who have experienced violence and have been working for years to end violence against women. Sitting next to women who have been working for women’s rights for years makes me feel very special. Listening to their stories motivates me to be more active for women’s human rights.  

I grew up in Afghanistan where women face many types of violence. At CSW events I’ve heard about unbelievable facts and statistics from other regions of the worlds, for example, female genital mutilation, fistula, and marital immigrants in Taiwan, as well as situations of women in Philippine who do not have the right to divorce. This conference has taught me that every single person in society is responsible to stop violence against women. I learned that without women’s engagement in society, politics and economy we cannot have a safe and developed world. I learned that cultures and traditions are two of the major causes of violence against women.      

Another great opportunity and experience that I had this week was making connections with women all over the world. Their smiling faces, enthusiasm, patience and tireless efforts give me hope and courage for a better future. I feel like I am connected to this global movement for injustice against women.
Participating in different events as a speaker and discussion contributor have given me the opportunity not only to share my WomenNC fellowship research, but to talk about my home country Afghanistan.



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