Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, Continued Developments

Hello All!

I hope that everyone has had a fantastic holiday season and that you're all ready for 2014! I can tell this year is going to be big for women's rights--a gut feeling perhaps, but as I delve into my research I can't help but look forward to all the advancements this year will bring.

My research on women's education has certainly been interesting. Most of my data has come from books (many were presents from my family :) and so much of it has captured my attention. However, the most notable book has been I Am Malala.

One of the biggest struggles I've had as a fellow is making the personal connection to the research. Sure I've always felt strongly about women's empowerment and education, but it wasn't until I began reading I Am Malala that I realized why I felt so inspired to delve further into the issue. It was my research on Malala that built up my drive on the subject. When news about the girl named Malala began to circulate around the media, I found myself drawn to her work and words, and became introspective of my own role in women's right to education. On top of that, I found her youth to be one of the great sources of influence. As a young student myself, I was compelled to take action and speak up on the issue of women's education. Thus, I began looking at the educational system around me, and the role of women on the local level.

When I attended the UNA-USA's Post-2015 Development Agenda event (I discussed this in a previous blog post), I felt more aware of the education surrounding me.  Coupled with my Malala-initiated call to arms, this event rallied my determination even more. Not only did I feel inspired by Malala, I also felt involved with education on the home front.

After reflecting on why I feel so determined about the issue of women's education, I believe I've cracked the personal element of my own research. With this new awareness, I am eager to see how it takes form in my paper and presentation.

Until next time, friends!

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