Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014!

The new year has arrived, and it now feels like this fellowship is in full speed. All of us fellows recently received an email reminding us that we are halfway through our fellowship! I cannot believe it has gone by so fast. I am now starting to believe that I really will be presenting at the UN. I am incredibly excited, and I hope I am able to bring interesting research to NY.

After visiting my two potential partnering organizations, I have decided I will mainly focus on Durham Connects. What I really love about the organization is that they go to the people. In this way, every single mother that wants care can receive it, whether or not she has transportation. I would like to do more research on the benefits of going to homes versus expecting patients to travel to hospitals, medical centers, clinics, etc. I am hoping to get this paper done soon and I cannot wait to learn more through my research!

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