Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Developments

Things seem to have slowed down a little over the Christmas break--airplanes, mountains, wifi-free zones and food-induced comas have made the world of technology and research a little further away than it is during a typical day in the semester. My mind, however, cleared of all the craziness of assignments and finals is filling up more with questions about my research and what this all will look like in the new semester. What are the answers to these complex problems? What will CSW itself look like? What is the best way to bring my topic to our audience?

The speed at which it all will approach is beginning to feel a little scary, especially as I balance all the unexpected curve balls of research and real world organizations. Being away from NC for the holidays, some of it feels a little less real than it does when I'm in school, but I am anticipating that returning will look like hitting the ground running.

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