Sunday, December 1, 2013

Confirming Partners

Hey there!

The past few weeks have been going great.

I reached out to my potential community partners, and they were both incredibly excited about the idea of working with me. I am meeting up with people from NC Healthy Start Foundation this week, and I am hopefully meeting with Durham Connects soon. I really cannot wait to learn more about their organizations and prenatal/postnatal care.

Also, I was able to attend a discussion about the post MDGs hosted by the United Nations Association. There are about 11 or so of these discussions being held around the US, because the United Nations really wants the American public's input. It was a really interesting event, and I met a lot of great people. I enjoyed hearing about everyone's backgrounds, and it was nice that we all had interests in various things. There were people that worked for the UN, others that were teachers, a meteorologist, and more! I learned a lot about pressing issues that the post MDGs will need to help to address, and I was happy to hear that maternal and child health are still two big focuses.

Until next time,
Isabella :)

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  1. Thank you Isabella for sharing your experience with us. UNA-West Triangle chapter is one of the WomenNC partners.UNA-USA ia great organization to educate American on the United Nations work and mission.