Friday, December 6, 2013

Where are Our Priorities?

 Before my post, I would just like to say RIP Nelson Mandela.

Yesterday I visited NC Healthy Start Foundation (NCHSF) for an initial meeting. The woman who I met with, Robin, was incredibly nice, and she provided me with a ton of information. Unfortunately, not everything she told me was positive. I was shocked to hear how much funding NCHSF has lost over the years.

In 1990, NC had the highest infant mortality rate in the nation. The governor at the time, Governor Martin, decided to start an initiative to address the issue of high infant mortality. As a result, NCHSF was founded in order to spearhead the movement and effectively decrease infant mortality rates. Initially the NC government greatly funded NCHSF, a couple million a year, and NCHSF was incredibly successful. The infant mortality rate has decreased significantly, and NC is no longer number one in infant mortality in the nation. Sadly, in recent years, the General Assembly decided to cut NCHSF's funding to only about $45,000 a year, and there has been an uptick in infant mortality. I cannot believe funding has gone from a couple million a year to only $45,000 a year. This is an incredibly high decrease!

In recent years the General Assembly has made numerous decisions to increase abortion restrictions (especially this past summer). As women's right to choice has become increasingly limited, one would think the General Assembly would increase funding for infant health. However, such is not the case. I just simply do not understand the priorities of our state government. If the NC government is going to do all it can to make abortions nearly impossible, then why is it also going to decrease funding for working to reduce infant mortality?

Anyways, I just figured I would put this information out there. Please let me know your thoughts on the issue.



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