Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dana - so close

The feeling of having my completed essay is really great - now I just have to have a killer presentation. I have been struggling with creating my presentation because there is so much information that I feel like I need to include, but the sessions we had at the last workshop emphasized the importance of not overloading our audience on information. We need to make our message easily digestible ... I am thinking that using pictures may be effective, to help humanize the issue of sex education. I found a great resource that has maps of the states based on their sex ed, and maybe this would be a good thing to include in my presentation.

I have also been talking to Leigh more about the issue of sexual assault on college campuses and how to incorporate that into my presentation, probably through the q&a. There has been so much in the news about this lately - the national Panhellenic council recently issued an order that barred UVA sorority members from attending any frat parties this weekend for fear of sexual assault. While well-intentioned, trying to combat sexual assault by locking women away is completely ineffective and, frankly, medieval. This is another great example of why sex ed should talk about consent and choice.

I am most apprehensive about getting my presentation down to 7 minutes - I will have to do a lot of practicing. I know what I want to accomplish with my presentation (convincing people of the importance of sex ed), now it's just a matter of picking the most relevant information.


  1. Exactly. Seven facts to support your thesis that our society is better served by a healthy, realistic and trustworthy understanding of sexuality.

  2. Hi Dana,
    NC looks pretty good on these maps at the link--unless I read the key wrong! It would be interesting to compare VAW and sexual assault rates with the education policy in these states. Or maybe you already have that data.
    Did you see the Super Bowl ads? Thankfully, this year, they were less about drinking more beer, and more about mutual respect in all kinds of relationships. 'Bout time!