Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dina Shehata_Blog # 7

I can’t believe that I’ve already turned in my paper. I feel like the time went by so fast, but it was a great experience. I learned so much and am continuing to learn as I work on my presentation. My anticipation is growing as the CSW in New York next month gets closer. On the other hand, I am also getting very nervous for our upcoming presentation this month in Hunt Library. I have never presented in front of such a large group of people. I’m sure it will be such a great experience because it will give me the practice I need with my future endeavors.

I’ve been thinking about all of the valuable advice given to us by Stephanie Scotti, Scott Morgan, and Alex Rosen and I am working towards giving the best presentation that I can. I want to make an impact and relay my message in a way that will resonate with the attendees. After I submit my presentation tomorrow I will make sure to rehearse several times before our first dress rehearsal because my confidence will increase as I continue to practice. The idea of having feedback from everyone is daunting but also very helpful because it will guide me to my goal.

I hope you all are having a great Sunday with family and friends watching the Super Bowl and I look forward to seeing everyone soon! 


  1. You are going to be great and be assured that you are among your supporters at Hunt.