Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Laura's Blog #2

My topic is to reformulate education in hyper-masculine cultures to deter incidents of sexual assault and rape. While I will be focusing my research on the United States Military, I believe that what I create will be applicable to fraternities, Varsity Collegiate sports teams and many other hyper-masculine cultures. 

Currently the military’s education is a mandated checklist made by politicians and those high up in the military system. Certain commanders have more power to apply their own ideas to their troops training than others. I recently met with the Fayetteville Rape Crisis Center. She has a self-proclaimed aggressive “not pretty” presentation on rape, because she said rape isn’t pretty so why should it be taught pretty. 

When asked how she handles these soldiers that sit in her classes and she feels they are ignoring her she says she brings up topics that are in your face, that you can’t ignore. Why are rape educators so scared to talk about these topics? They shouldn’t be.

I plan to use her model as my best practice model within the United States military and plan to finalize this next week. I will be attending her class on Fort Bragg December 7th and December 8th and will be sitting on the stage observing her process and how everyone reacts to it.

After that I plan to interview a group of male military members who never served with women due to their job and their feelings on sexual assault. Many in passing have mentioned to me that it cannot be completely irradiated. 

Once this data is compiled I will begin to draft the policy brief. When I do this I will be proposing the revamping of the military with this more aggressive style. I believe that it will be better received within these hyper-masculine cultures.

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  1. Interesting topic choice. Will brace myself for the responses during the interview.