Friday, January 15, 2016

Leah Blog 3

When researching issues of justice, especially pertaining to justice for a marginalized group, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll be surprised. My research has been both shocking and revealing. Southern poverty continues to grow and North Carolina’s poverty rates are soaring with it.  Concentrated poverty rates in North Carolina are especially troubling. An examination of the graph above shows just how much the number of people living in concentrated poverty has increased in North Carolina, from 2000 to 2010. Out of all the 50 states in this country, North Carolina has had the highest growth rate. Concentrated poverty has been proven to result in worse health outcomes, higher crime rates, failing schools, and fewer job opportunities. I also found that concentrated poverty discourages the regions it inhabits to grow inclusively and sustainably.  

Upon learning this, I felt even more invested in my research and project. There’s a desperate need for solutions in North Carolina. I feel that North Carolina has a duty to develop a more sustainable state, now more than ever. These shocking statistics were my motivation to continue developing and researching comprehensive solutions. This is an issue about justice, and the women in North Carolina deserve it.


  1. Leah--I had seen that poverty chart before funny how we never hear our politicians site this backslide and how we make progress. I look forward to hear what solutions are being put forth by non-profit organizations that can get us on a better path. non-profits we need to

  2. Poverty rates have escalated in NC for a variety of reasons, and one of the easiest ways to fix it is by VOTING.