Wednesday, April 16, 2014

UNA & WomenNC Symposium

Last night marked the last big event. We all gathered at the Nelson Mandela Auditorium and presented our reflections on CSW. It was a fun night, and I was incredibly honored to be recognized with the Carolyn King Scholarship. After the symposium was over, we all met in the lobby for snacks. As I was going around saying goodbye to people I met a woman named Sandy Irving. She was a long time friend of Carolyn King, and originally she was supposed to introduce the Carolyn King scholarship during the symposium; however, there was a bit of confusion, so she ended up not doing the introduction. But...I was lucky enough that Sandy let me take the speech she was going to read. I read it last night and was blown away. Carolyn King did so many amazing honorable things, and it would have been wonderful to have been able to meet her. She fought for all types of equality and was always present to help. Sandy Irving ended her speech with "The winner or WomenNC's Carolyn King Scholarship Award has big shoes to fill." Yes I definitely do. I hope to be half the woman that Carolyn was.