Friday, May 20, 2011

Feminist fortune cookies

At my recent Women's Studies graduation ceremony, our professors gave all of us feminist fortune cookies. I'm always hopeful, but generally disappointed when I open fortune cookies because they always seem to contain ridiculously obvious statements rather than exciting fortunes. The feminist fortune cookies did not disappoint, however. They said things like "You will see many women as presidents and leaders" and "You will never be inhibited by the size or shape of your body." I wanted to do that same sort of encouraging exercise for WomenNC as a final reflection from my fellowship experience. Below you can see some of my fortunes for the organization and for women's and gender issues overall.

WomenNC will educate people of various backgrounds and ages in North Carolina and beyond about gender, women's rights, and international human rights.

WomenNC will play a major role in the ratification of CEDAW in the United States.

WomenNC's Fellowship Program will serve as a model so that younger people can attend and participate at CSW each year.

WomenNC will develop chapters at local universities that conduct educational outreach to elementary, middle, and high school students.

Women's and gender studies will become integrated into primary educational programs and will be paired with creative, applied opportunities for students to be involved in their communities.

Thank you all for following our blog and to WomenNC for providing me with this amazing opportunity! Happy summers to all of you!

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