Monday, May 30, 2011

I see it everyday...

A few years ago a family friend gave me a very sweet gift. This gift, a small ceramic tile that reads "She believed she could so she did," sits next to my bed. I see it every morning when I first wake up, and again each night before I go to sleep. Although this tile was given to me in high school, it still rings true every day. No matter what we put our minds to, it can be achieved.

This tile definitely stands true with WomenNC. Since coming on board with this organization, this little saying has stuck with me. No matter what we, as an organization, put our mind to, it can happen. Every member of WomenNC is working hard to raise awareness, gain support, and support the CSW. We also work extremely hard to ratify CEDAW in the United States. These are achievable goals. With all of us believing in ourselves, in each other, in WomenNC, CSW, and CEDAW, we can make a huge impact. We can make a difference. "We believed we could so we did." We have to believe that these changes will happen and that each person involved with WomenNC will make a difference. If we believe, it will happen.

On another small note, I am going to follow Devi and tell you a little about myself. I am a rising Junior at UNC and am double majoring in Peace, War, and Defense and Women's Studies. I'm also on the pre-law track. I just came back to North Carolina after a semester in Washington, DC and am extremely interested in Women's Rights, domestic policy, and international policy. I am a huge supporter of WomenNC and am very excited to be interning with this wonderful group of people for the summer! I look forward to all of the great things to happen in the upcoming months!

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