Monday, May 23, 2011

A New Beginning

Yesterday afternoon was my first opportunity to really dive in with WomenNC. I'm an intern here for the summer, but didn't really know what to expect. I'd met with Anita and knew my assigned tasks, but was a bit anxious to begin. However, when first walking into the meeting, I was greeted with a huge hug from Beth, several questions from members of WomeNC, and a LOT of enthusiasm. As we sat down to the meeting, I could sense that these individuals, coming from all different backgrounds, all have one common passion: to truly make a difference in the ratification of CEDAW and to leave a lasting impact on CSW. I had read articles discussing these two topics and knew that WomenNC was founded on these values, but these women and men feel it in their bones. The passion, enthusiasm, and excitement these folks have make me want to work hard this summer in order to leave my mark on WomenNC and to benefit this organization in as many ways as possible. Our meeting was filled with new ideas, great discussion, and a lot of support. To this organization, it's not just about putting these ideas out there; it's about putting them into practice. I look forward to working with this amazing team and cannot wait to see what all we produce. In many internships, it seems that the interns are doing work that is never really noted. With WomenNC, I know that the work I'm completing is beneficial to the organization and that what I'm doing matters. That's what is great about WomenNC: they believe in the younger generation, and believe that the young, elderly, women, men, and anyone from any background can unite and truly make a difference.

I look forward to my time here at WomenNC and the many experiences that are ahead of me this summer. I cannot wait to get started!

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