Sunday, February 9, 2014

Amazing Fellows

This past Wednesday we had our first dress rehearsal; wow, I was so impressed. Each fellow did an incredible job. Although the six of us are fellows for the same program, I really did not know too much about each fellows topic and partnership. However, Wednesday I was able to learn all about each fellow's research. Sarah presented first. Her topic focuses on the importance of youth involvement in human rights/activism/etc. and her partner is WomenNC. I thought it was so clever of her to partner with the amazing organization that is giving us the opportunity to present at the CSW in March. Sarah is so well spoken and holds herself very well. Noreen presented next. She discussed the role of men and boys in eliminating violence against women. I really like that Noreen approached her topic (violence against women) in a less conventional way. Many people often forget the important role that men play in helping to improve the lives of women...after all, men do make up about half of our world's population! Amy also presented on violence against women and the importance of healthy relationship messaging. I was excited to hear that her partner was the Compass Center and she discussed their teen outreach programs. I actually did a project on the Compass Center's program Teens Climb High last semester, and I think it is a really phenomenal program. It makes me happy to know the the Compass Center will be mentioned at the CSW. Max's presentation on the importance of a standalone gender goal was really personable and presented really well. He really has such a confidence when he speaks. Finally, Alex presented on the importance of involving women and girls in the STEM fields. I knew least about her topic and learned a bunch. Alex is great at bringing the perfect amount of humor into her presentations. I feel so honored to get to present with the 5 other fellows. They have all done amazing work and I have learned a lot from their presentations. I cannot wait to go to the United Nations with them. I can tell it will be the experience of a lifetime!



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  2. You "forgot" to mention your own presentation on the Millennium Development Goals to Improve Maternal Health and to Reduce Child Mortality. You offered very achievable goals modeled by your local community partner organization, Durham Connects. Great job by all!

  3. Why thank you Isabella! You're presentation is fantastic as well and I was so impressed with your knowledge for the topic! Your passion for the subject really shines through and it adds a new layer of presentability to your research (and you can't learn that--way to go!) Keep up the great work!