Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wake Women Attorneys Luncheon

Hello everyone! So we're practically a week out from our big trip to New York! I'm getting more excited (and anxious) each day, but I know that all of the Fellows will have a great experience at this year's CSW.

I wanted to talk about my opportunity last Tuesday to meet with members of the Wake Women Attorneys (part of the North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys). I had the exciting chance to grab lunch at Tyler's Taproom in Raleigh with several of the members, and explain my research, experience with WomenNC, and excitement about the upcoming trip. Initially, I was nervous talking in front of a group of successful women, many of whom weren't interested in women's rights advocacy. However, after a brief presentation at the start of the meal, many of the women seemed eager to ask questions and offer advice. As we all ate, we discussed their work in various firms around North Carolina, their views on women's education, and many even offered STEM statistics they had heard over the course of their career. I was excited that they were interested in not only my research, but the status of women's education as a whole.

Overall, it was nice to be able to discuss my research with strong, professional women outside of WomenNC. It was also a great opportunity to answer questions and explore new topics about women's education I hadn't considered before. Hearing outside views and having discussions with women who weren't as familiar with my studies provided a great perspective that I hope to use to strengthen my research further.

Until next time!

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