Monday, February 10, 2014

Special Shout-Out to Everyone

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone has been getting excited for the upcoming fundraiser dinner on February 20th! I've been inviting everyone to the big event next week and I contemplated dropping fliers from a plane, just to reach out to a wider audience (kidding, of course).

This past week has been full of WomenNC-craze and working on papers and presentations makes me feels closer and closer to March. From Tarheel Talk, to our first dress rehearsal, I'm sure I speak for all the fellows when I say it's crunch time for all of us. I have to thank everyone who's been so supportive throughout the journey, especially my mentors, the WomenNC Board, other fellows, and the PURPOSE Institute. Their advice has been indispensable and having a vast arsenal of opinions gives my research definition and substance. When I compared my first rough draft to the most recent one, I could see where all of the advice and aid has come into play to improve the quality of my paper. Overall, it's safe to say everyone involved has played a major role in helping to advance my research.

As you can see, I really wanted to use this post as a moment to acknowledge the help and support I have received since I became one of the 2014 Fellows. Without the backing of the experts, fellows, mentors, and my mom (who reads a new portion of my paper every week--shout out to you, Mom), I would not be able to shape my research into the form it has taken today.

Until next time!
Alex Polk

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