Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When It's Almost Time

It's hard to believe that this time next week we will all be in the midst of one of the most incredible opportunities of our college careers. Our time in New York, I am sure, will pass even quicker than our time of preparation has.

The closeness of everything we have been working towards makes me want to stop and think about my topic and my research in new ways. Up until this point, most of my time has been spent engaging with questions like, "what else exists here?" "what more can I find?" "how can we see this on an international level?" But now that we are just days away, my thoughts turn towards new questions: "what does this mean?" "how can I continue to engage with my topic from here onwards?" "what is the essence of my message?" "what do I want most for people to know?" I guess you could say that this is the time to look up--up from the ins and outs of data and statistics to the broader themes and ideas. After all, these ideas are what make those numbers matter.

In no time at all I will be reflection on this whole experience, and then too I will be asking yet another set of questions. Because the process of continuing to assess and ask questions never stops. We always seek to understand more.

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