Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Place that Moves

New York. It's a city of movement, of voices, of change. It is streets of tall shadows, unassuming awnings, and corridors of crowds and wind.  Beautiful and constructive chaos. That is how I would describe New York--a city in constant and somewhat disorderly motion. It is plastic bags and crammed spaces and ever-moving traffic. It's not always polite. But it moves forward. This is a place where the world changes and things get done. It is one of the transforming capitals of the world. And it does all this in a far from perfect environment. This action creates chaos. But people continue to move in the midst.

I always tend to think of places of importance as places that are elite, fine and well-ordered. But they're not always. Change isn't looking for perfection. Change just keeps moving. And this living, city sized example of progress gives a certain relief. It shows us that we're not going to move forwards without some mess, but we should not be afraid of it because in the midst of it, great things can be accomplished.

People come to the table at CSW through much of the same process. We come to take action, to bring about change. We're celebrating progress, but we're also frustrated by what we have yet to see. And this frustration, it continues to move us forward. All this movement can be a little messy. But I'm encouraged to know that in the midst of all this, change is happening. The people here are passionate--passionate about the causes they are fighting for. And they're not going to stop this living, breathing, movement. Why? Because things happen in a place that keeps moving forward.


  1. Very creative post. I love your analogy of a "place that moves". Forward.... This is one of those, "wish I had thought of that" moments.

  2. Yes, love the style and use of the extended metaphor. Keep up with the pace and rock 'em, Amy!

  3. It's great reading this again after I know you've given your presentation. I hope you are taking in this moment and realizing that you are part of this change. Keep fighting the good fight, Amy :)