Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Grand Finale

Today was the final full day in NYC, and it was incredible! I started off the morning by going to a session about incorporating media into the social justice movement. There were women speaking that have been doing a film series in Nicaragua to raise awareness about issues such as child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of women. Next, I went to a session on Latin America and the post MDGs. While it was supposed to be a panel about Latin America, one of the 2 speakers was from South Africa. Needless to say I didn't learn much about Latin America, but I still learned a ton. Alex, Amy, and I got a wonderful Italian lunch...a few hours later, 6 of us had a delicious Indian dinner (food on food on food). We ended the night by watching Wicked on Broadway (It was AMAZING!) and grabbing some coffee and waffles in times square. Perfect way to end an unforgettable experience :)


  1. You all really deserve a vacation now, after your intense week of stretching your brain cells and your emotions and your networks and your horizons, but I hear that university classes start again on Monday morning! We are really proud of you here in NC, and can't wait to hear all the details about the people you met, the networking, inspiration, new ideas, old ideas, what works, what doesn't, what nobody seems to know, and your personal plans for moving forward. Cheers (with a cup of coffee!) to each of you! Safe and restful travels today.....

  2. Thanks for all you've done and (no doubt) will continue to do in future for the cause of human rights! J