Monday, March 10, 2014

UN Decade

The trip has been absolutely incredible so far!  I really could not capture all that has moved and inspired me.  After a restful night's sleep, I am now rejuvenated and have confirmed that the glory and beauty of this week are not a dream. Today was CSW Consultation Day and during one of the panel discussions we reflected on what the panel called the "UN decade," the legacy of the 1990s UN Conferences.  We discussed how, for some women, Domestic Violence discussions were taboo until the Beijing Conference of 1995 and how the 90s finally made the world take seriously women's global issues.  

Most importantly, and what I had not really considered because of my generational perspective was that the "UN decade" occurred during a time with little internet use or even faxes.   "Beijing," Women's Activist Bandana Rana told us, "was where we found each other."  Passion, ideas, and camaraderie had not yet been shared via Facebook, Twitter, or email.  Instead, the World's Women's Conference was a new and valuable public space to build the women's movement.  The Beijing Conference and the CSW conferences since, have been times for women's advocates to work together and transcend differences that might seek to divide us. 

The spirit of unity, love, and solidarity has manifested itself in so many ways this trip.  Spending time with the fellows, Beth, Anjabeen, Kim and Younghee makes me think feel as if we've "found each other."  The legacy of the UN decade is one that teaches us that we should never take for granted being surrounded by people who share our vision to transform the status of women.  I am grateful to live in this legacy!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder of how much more convenient activism is with electronic communication and social media. And what will the "UN Decade" of 2030 be like? communication and for women and girls?