Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Presentations and Receptions and Sessions, Oh My!

Today was an absolutely wonderful (and tiring!) day.

For one, we opened the morning with our presentations. I can honestly say that today was our best rendition yet. Every Fellow was poised, presented with grace and truly connected with the audience. The comfort with which each of us dove into our topic was evidence of the amount of preparation that has gone into preparing for today and I am proud of the efforts of all of us--Fellows, Mentors, and board members alike.

Amy opened and engaged the audience with her eloquence and oratory prowess, bringing the audience in.

Isabella was more comfortable than she has ever been thus far and sounded like a Master's Public Health student as she spoke about Durham Connect.

Alex was poised and professional, making use of excellent anecdotes and a personal connection to STEM to make several hard-hitting points.

Sarah deftly introduced the WomenNC Fellowship Model and was able to link it back to her father--a pioneer in the civil rights movement in the United States. It was powerful and moving.

Our event was very well attended with standing room only for many of the guests who arrived late. Beth said the presentations brought a tear to her eye and the motivation for her to continue her important work in engaging North Carolina's youth for yet another year.

In addition to hosting our own event, we also attended a meeting at the U.S. Mission to the UN and I met up with a friend from UNC to go to a lecture on goddess iconography throughout history and one of the High Level Panels on GBV. Additionally, we headed out to the CSW NGO Reception, where we were able to network with some interesting folks like the woman who spearheaded the movement to ratify CEDAW in San Franciso and some feminist pioneers.

We are exhausted, but happy. And it's shortly time for bed.

Thank you for your continued support--



  1. Great summary, Max! We're honored to have you represent WomenNC.

  2. Max, you left out your own presentation. No need to be shy about your concluding the panel with your summary on Gender Based Violence, and your call for a stand alone UN goal for gender equality going beyond 2015. Beth sent a photo of your presentation to prove your presence :) Great job by all! We're proud in NC!

  3. I agree, Lois. We want to hear you write about how well you did! What kinds of questions did you get after your presentation?

    I'm also interested in this lecture you attended with your friend. That sounds incredibly fascinating! Great week and it's only Wednesday!