Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 2

Hey There,

Today has been an amazing day. This morning we woke up nice and early to get to the NGO CSW Forum. When we arrived at the forum I was taken aback by all that was going on. Within the first ten minutes of being there, Beth called me over to meet a woman from Geneva, Switzerland. The woman was very involved in maternal health, and it was so exciting to hear that she was interested in my research topic. The forum started soon after and I heard so many amazing people speak. The people that intrigued me most included: Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, Analisa Balares, and Asi Burak. Sharon started an amazing NGO in Fiji, Analisa started an NGO that provides scholarships to young women, and Asi works for a video game NGO that creates games for change. All of these speakers were so passionate when they presented and so inspirational. I saw that there are so many ways we can work to address women's issues. There truly is no right way to make a difference. It is just so important to follow your passion when working on an issue that you care about. I cannot wait for tomorrow.   

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  1. And you WILL make a difference in your own way. I can feel your excitement in your post. Have a great day 3!