Tuesday, March 11, 2014

1st Day of CSW, 3rd Day of FUN!

Hello All,

It's been another successful day at CSW, and I got to go to 4 fantastic events. First, Amy, Sarah, and I attended a panel discussion that focused on the role of higher education and its influence on women's leadership. The panelists came from various organizations that funded, supported, and mentored young women all around the world to attend quality universities and gain the leadership skills necessary to make a change in their home countries. I was intrigued by all of the models employed by the organizations, whether it was Open A Door or AGFAF, and generally the efforts of these programs were very effective in empowering women.

I also got to attend UNICEF's panel on girl's education, and while I didn't get to stay for the entirety of the discussion, I did get to see Dr. Pauline Rose address the matter of girl's education. I enjoyed that she paid attention to the role of teachers in advancing education, which, while it may seem like an obvious factor in educational empowerment, I feel that this factor is overlooked. She stated that teachers need to be put "at the heart of the reform" and doing so will allow for further development in creating a better, more educated worlds. 

I also got to attend the Department of San Francisco's Status of Women as well as a High-Level Round Table Discussion at the UN Conference Building. Strangely, for such a packed schedule I felt that the day flew by so fast, I can only wonder how quickly the rest of the week will go by. I guess we'll find out!

Until next time,


  1. Yes, we expect teachers to "do it all", yet as a society, especially here in NC, we fail to show our deep respect for teachers, and demonstrate and recognize the value they add to our future. Let's make teaching the most honored profession of all!

  2. Great to hear that you are getting to explore some of the educational opportunities for women. What a great call to action from UNICEF. Have you had the opportunity to talk to people at some of these ed-focused events about your work here in NC. Sounds like you may have a lot to talk about! Glad you're having fun/being challenged during such a hectic week.