Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dina Post 2

I’ll begin my blog by telling you how amazing it was to meet such inspiring individuals at the Tea Reception last Sunday, November 9th. It was lovely and I had such a great time even if I was a bit nervous introducing myself. My family joined me that morning to show their support and excitement for my selection as a 2015 fellow and I had a blast introducing them to the members and fellows of WomenNC.  Katie Starr’s speech was incredibly motivational and it made me realize just how much of an impact this fellowship has on everyone involved. I know it has already impacted me and we’re just in the beginning stages.

It was a very busy afternoon for us having to rush to our second workshop after spending some time at the tea reception. Our second workshop was spent detailing logistics of our research papers and presentations and also discussing what feminist research really is. We spent time with our mentors to finalize the organizations we had chosen to work with. Isabella had some great suggestions for me and I have already contacted several of the organizations we talked about; however, I am still waiting to hear back. We decided that choosing an organization that empowers girls/young women to become leaders in the future and that provides them with role models/mentors would be perfect for the research I am pursuing. To really understand how women in the media are portrayed, specifically female political leaders, I need to be a part of their journeys in their youth. Girls need the proper motivation, mentorship, and environment to help them thrive and really achieve the confidence and self-esteem boost that is lacking in many aspects of their lives. I can’t wait to finalize my organization choice because I am so excited to meet with the members and get involved with an organization.

As I hear back from the organizations I have contacted, I will choose the one that best fits my research and will let you all know of my choice in my next blog. Our next workshop isn’t until January so it will be a while before we meet again. I will be working on my research and paper during the time we will be apart and look forward to really diving into my work!

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