Sunday, November 16, 2014

Justine blog 2

Justine Schnitzler

CSW 2015 Blog Post #2

I thought after finishing the first workshop I couldn’t possibly be more excited to get into the thick of the fellowship, but I was proven wrong after last week’s workshop regarding research methods! Now, it’s all starting to feel real. I was a bit overwhelmed as we packed up our notes and laptops with the words, “see you in January” hanging over our heads. The realization hit me that I was now free to pursue the research component of this Fellowship, and that the next time we gathered as a group, my rough draft would be completed. The task seems impossible to me now, but I am so fortunate to have not only my peer Fellows as support, but also the entire WomenNC community as well.

I am preparing to make initial contact this week with the organizations I intend to write about as best-practice models in my paper, which include IPAS, the UNC School of Public Health, and Lillian’s List. After hopefully generating a positive response, I will decide which organizations will best help me complete my advocacy paper. While it feels like I have a lot of time right now, I know dates and deadlines are going to approach quickly and fly by, so I’m spurring myself into action this week.

Going forward into the next few weeks (and Thanksgiving Break), I am eager to create a personal timeline for myself regarding the amount of pages I need to write weekly to stay on top of this endeavor. Each time I feel slightly overwhelmed, I just think about how exciting the thought of our upcoming New York trip is, and how much I’m going to learn in the next few months.

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