Sunday, November 16, 2014

Liv Blog 2

What a great start to this program.  I enjoyed the WomenNC Tea last Sunday.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet with everyone involved "behind the scenes" and to become more acquainted with those interested and involved with the organization.  In addition to meeting those involved, it was fantastic to hear the messages of the Key note speaker.  Her experiences gained through the CSW Fellowship truly shined through her words.
After the tea we regrouped at Meredith College for an informative session on the ins and outs of our research papers.  I am thankful for this opportunity as there were many questions swirling around my mind regarding what to include in the paper, and how to organize it. One of the most important points covered was where specifically my topic of research aligns with the Beijing Platform.  Low and behold, my topic falls under Women and Economics.  I never would have thought that women's health and mother's rights in the military would align with economic reasons. I had read three or four of the platforms, but never considered Women in the Economy as an option.  I was thrilled when I read how closely this part of the platform described what I am advocating for.  Although small, it felt like a major break through.  It is always nice to find the missing link that connects all of your thoughts and ideas.

Over the next few weeks, as I finish my next to last semester in grad school, I hope to delve deeper into the healthcare that women in other countries receive.  I am interested in learning what and how countries who have compulsory service react and respond to the specific needs of mothers who wish to stay in and persue both the role of mother and active duty service person.  There are many countries who have voluntary services as well. I wonder if there is a difference between compulsory and voluntary service requirements and a connection between mother's rights.  This will be interesting to discover and compare to how active duty mothers are treated in the United States.

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