Sunday, January 18, 2015

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Today is the day of our workshop which I am really looking forward to. The tips and advice we’re going to receive about our presentations and TV interviews will be much needed and I can’t wait to learn what I should and should not be doing. I’ve received a couple of edits of my paper and I will continue to finalize my paper so that I can have it finished and perfect by next weekend.  

On another note, Joe Biden joined forces with Mariska Hargitay, star of Law and Order: SVU, to create a series of PSA announcements that provide help for victims of domestic abuse. I’m really excited to hear about this because Law and Order: SVU is a show I really like to watch. It showcases the realities of sexual assault, domestic violence, etc. The realities that people need to understand. Having the combination of our Vice President and a television star with fans across the world will show the range of people who truly want to help and make a difference because it is a very important issue.  In one of the PSAs, Biden makes sure to say, "domestic violence is never the victim's fault." (Joe Biden's statement from Robbie Couch's article in the Huffington Post) This distinction is not made too often and it is great to hear it in the PSA. Here is the article link if you’d like to read the article:

As far as school goes, I started classes 2 weeks ago and I am really looking forward to my classes this semester! Last semester flew by so quickly and I’m sure this semester will go by so fast as well especially because there are so many amazing events that we have to look forward to which include the Feb 19th event, our trip to NY, and much more!

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Dina Shehata

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  1. HMMM..."Domestic Violence is never the victim's fault" sounds like one of those statements that Stephanie Scotti was telling about in her training today--the essence of your message, in her words, "your unique perspective". Of course, this is not your topic, Dina, but it is a great example of a message that would "stick"!