Sunday, January 18, 2015

Workshop #3 Reflection

Today, at our third workshop, we learned a lot about how to improve our public speaking skills. Professional speaking coach Stephanie Scotti gave us killer advice on making our CSW presentations clear, concise, and compelling. Al Rosen’s advice was equally valuable – he showed us how to make our words have an impact, how to present statistics and data in a way that leaves an impression on the people in our audience.

I’m excited to think more about what I want my key take-away points to be, and how best to articulate the central message of my research topic. I’m also nervous: distilling the mounds of information I want to include down to seven short minutes won’t be easy, but I know that we’ll be able to do it by taking into account the lessons we learned today. Thanks to the presenters today for their help (and, of course, the indefatigable WomenNC board for their constant support)! One week until the final drafts are due – we’re almost there!

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  1. Josh, Glad you recognized such value in the public speaking and T.V. interview training today. I think we all found great value in the training--that will be with us for many years. Hold on, the Fellows train is now moving, and picking up speed--no slowing down for the next 6 weeks or so, until after you return from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Conference in New York!