Sunday, January 4, 2015

Update: New Topic! (Josh)

After several in-depth conversations with WomenNC  board members, I decided a few weeks ago to shift the focus of my research topic. 

Instead of focusing on the experiences of sex workers, I'll be researching the phenomenon of sexual assaults on college campuses. Specifically, I'm focusing on how colleges/universities handle sexual assault cases. 

Along with providing an overview of the existing literature, I'm also conducting interviews with survivors of assault, college administrators, and campus police to glean a more nuanced understanding of the effects of assault and how colleges can better support survivors. 

Feel free to send along any resources you know of on this topic, as I'll be working tirelessly over the next week to narrow the focus of my paper, conduct a few preliminary interviews (these sections will have to be fleshed out more fully later on), and write up what I've found. 

Best of luck to everyone else! See you in a week. :) 


  1. Sounds great, Josh. Kudos for planning some interviews, which will help you to tell the story from survivor points of view. Also hope your partner organization may offer solutions and help for survivors.

  2. End Rape on Campus ( EROC) is a national organization co founded by Annie Clark one of the WNC alumni. After checking their website you might find it useful to contact Annie directly. By the way she is the key note speaker for our upcoming annual event on Feb.19

  3. Landen Gambill had been giving UNC hell over the last two years. Look her up. Please, please, please expose the awful Honor Courts on college campuses. Great work Josh and timely.