Friday, April 3, 2015

Blog Post-Justine!

I wanted to go ahead and write this second-to-last blog post now, as I anticipate a lot of family time this weekend with Passover, Easter, and my sister’s birthday happening all at once (happy 14th birthday, Olivia Grace!). 

            This week, I turned in my final drafts of my research paper, the presentation PowerPoint used at the United Nations (to be posted on the website), my reflection paper, and the reflection PowerPoint I’ll be using April 9th at UNC at our planned Fellows Reflection (Global-to-Local event). It was partially a relief, but partially saddening—it’s hard to believe I’ve been a part of this Fellowship since October, and that the bulk of my “work” is completed. Truthfully, this hardly felt like work at all!

            This week I got a chance to plan my independent presentation event I’ll be doing on my own NC State campus, and it’s been a lot of fun—I’m really enjoying getting to transcribe some of my favorite quotes from CSW, re-read the materials I brought home, and write my informal speech. It’s giving me a chance to reflect in a way that helps me organize all the information I gleaned—and knowing I’ll get to present to my peers as an “expert” is thrilling!

I am certain my final blog post after all of my reflection presentations will be a bit longer—for now, I have matzo ball soup to make and a house to clean! חג פסח שמח (Happy Passover)!

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  1. Enjoyed your reflections presentations--and your enthusiasm!