Monday, April 27, 2015

Final blog

It is hard to believe that this is my final blog post and that I completed my WomenNC fellowship. I gave my last presentation at my sorority chapter last week, during which I truly realized how much I have learned during this year. There was a problem with the projector so I wasn't able to show them my presentation, forcing me just to talk without any materials. Despite that setback, I was still able to cover everything I wanted to, and several girls came up to me afterwards and asked how they could get involved with WomenNC or do the fellowship themselves!

This last week has forced me to think about the time I spent at CSW a lot. I have been stressing about exams and worrying about getting everything done, almost to a point where I'm getting physically sick. I am forcing myself, however, to take a step back. It is a privilege to feel stress about school, when so many girls aren't able to go to school. I'm so fortunate to be at Duke and have the opportunities that I do, and I need to remember that.

I am so grateful to WomenNC for giving this amazing opportunity to learn and equip me with the knowledge to keep learning and effect change. Thank you for helping me learn to research, do interviews, speak publicly, and become an advocate. I'm excited to see what the future has in store for me.

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  1. I really appreciate you reminding us of the normally privileged life we lead here in the U.S. It requires us to use our privilege and power and knowledge to search out those who need a hand up.
    Good luck on those finals. Have a special and fun summer.