Monday, March 14, 2016

Day 2
Laura Douglass
Gender Equality Helps All

I started my day watching the opening session of the CSW meetings. What an experience to see the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon welcome all of us. He discussed strides made during his time of getting more woman involved in diplomacy. He has been very successful.

What I focused most of my day on was the role of woman in Policy. I went to a meeting on the Role of Women in peace between Israel and Palestine. The more I learn about this conflict the less I feel I understand. What was great was the conversation was it’s been proven that when women are involved in the negotiation a more effective resolution is found more quickly.

Then I went to a meeting about Women in Politics. What I loved about this was how the other countries have made huge strides in this area that before this meeting I would never had thought possible. Israel has a Minister of Social Equality, side note here is hearing something positive about Israel outside of the war was very heart warming. Then Albania requires 1/3 of their ballot for the parliament has women. When it doesn’t they fine the party equivalent to $9,000.00 if they fail to do so.

Then as a perfect way to end the day I attended a meeting about CEDAW. For those who don’t know what this is there’s a link a below to their website. It was all about passing reforms within cities to protect women. Essentially everything is a women’s issue. For example if someone is going to erect lighting on streets, shouldn’t they look where the most sexual assaults are happening to create safer environments for women? I loved the idea that literally anything can be a women’s issue.

Today was so inspiring and made me feel stronger in my ability to meet my goals and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Ambassador David Roet, the deputy Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, was kind enough to take a picture with me today. 


  1. Laura--great blog--guess you are sleeping well at night with all the activities back to back. PS I have been out of the country, but heard you had done a great job at our 25th event--bravo!!

    1. Maureen--- Thank you so much! We missed you there. I am rooming with Maya and we have been singing your praises of how engaged you are with the organization. She was very lucky to have you as a mentor. I also heard your trip was amazing. So glad you deserve it!

  2. I love how much you are networking!