Sunday, March 13, 2016

CSW Day 1
Laura Douglass
So many journeys

I am so lucky to be around so many women that are unlike me. Every fellow that is going through this journey of CSW with me is similar in the sense that they are female, living in North Carolina, undergrad students, but boy are we all different. Today I had the opportunity to have such an eye opening conversation about race with these women.

Today was Consultation Day. Bandana Rana was named the Woman of Distinction. She talked about her work exposing, and then assisting women of domestic violence in Nepal. As a journalist, she did an expose on how women dealt with their husbands and found it interesting that she couldn’t talk to them with their husbands around. She then discovered that these women didn’t want to live these violent lifestyles and were looking for ways to escape. She created shelters in Nepal for them. The work is amazing. She said collective energy and strength makes change possible. I cried. It was extremely moving.

The second woman who I felt really impacted me was Saida Ali. I haven’t been exposed massive amount of oppression in my life. She told the audience in a way I could hear about a practice called “beading of girls.” It essentially signifies that these girls are available for sex. She was really incredible in the way she discussed this brutality.

Upon returning to my room, I had incredible conversations with all of the fellows. They helped expand my mind about racial discrimination, and what that meant as a woman. I have attempted many times to have this conversation with people without being attacked and failed. Today was different. My views shifted due to these women trying to change and being one what called a mediator.

I am going to bed excited to move forward, learn more, and feeling blessed to begin this journey with four of the most amazing young women I have ever met.


  1. Laura I am looking forward to go to the sessions tomorrow. Good night

  2. Awesome to read about how open minded you are being. Great job Laura. Continue to challenge yourself throughout the week!