Monday, March 21, 2016

Since I have gotten home I have been trying to put into words the feelings of everything that happened over the last week. I had approximately 35 hours of equal rights training. I spoke at the United Nations and I met some amazing people.

I feel very torn with how to move forward with this information. I know I haven’t processed it all. So below I’ll make a list of what I do know.

1.     Women need to be exposed to all types of employment including STEM and Tech at a very young age
2.     Men need paternity leave
3.     Not enough people know that ISIS is paying for their war against us with women who are trafficked and I want to fix that.
4.     The United States isn’t as good as aware of equality as other countries
5.     I want to work abroad
6.     I want to study abroad
7.     I, as well as others, don’t have a single story
8.     The international community recognizes the need for women in the military more than the United States and that message needs to get to those women still serving some how.
9.     Those who are in fear of the fate of our future need to meet the four other women I was on this trip with.
1. I need to learn more.

I can’t wait to further process this and learn more about these issues.

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