Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Laura Douglass
Day 4
My Research and CSW

I had two moments today that I got to evaluate my own personal research for my presentation.

I started the day with a really incredible moment. I woke up early to attend a 8:30 session and I walked over to the UN. I ended up chatting up one of the security guards, once we were done comparing puppy pictures he told me I was actually in the wrong place all together and I had to head over to the German mission! They had quite a bit of security which was intimidating, however they were really nice and let me attend the panel even though I hadn’t RSVP’d. I ended up rubbing shoulders with leaders of NATO and Germany defense networks. It was called Bringing Security home to empower women: How can we combat violence and strengthen gender equality. While the main focus was on the Syrian Humanitarian Crisis and how to protect the refugees from sexual violence by the military, I saw a link. If military members are committing these crimes within their ranks of course they would do it out in the local areas. So by eradicating sexual assault amongst the ranks the local populous will be safer.

Then I had a moment that even made me emotional. I crossed the street and re entered the United Nations building. I attended a side session called Refugees and displaced people victims of terrorist groups: Women and Girls exposed to a continuum of sexual violence and exploitation. While the other panelist discussed some really good points, a woman named Nadia Murad Basee Taha spoke and moved me. She talked about how much money was made by ISIS buying and selling sex slaves and she knows because she was one. She was attached is a picture of us. I thanked her for being so open and promised to spread her message and told her she was so cool to be so open about something so heart wrenching.

Now it’s time to prep for a run through of my presentation. So goodbye for now!

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  1. Walking over to the UN....the walk itself is powerful!