Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day 4: March 16th, 2016

So ends another fantastic day at the United Nations!

My goal for today was to expose myself to some new topics and country perspectives. My first event was focused on funding gender legislation from the perspective of the Philippines and Indonesia (the Philippines allocates 5% of their total budget to gender-based programs!), and my second event was a panel about economic empowerment of women and girls from the perspective of different African nations.

But my favorite event from today was an NGO panel about Women in Leadership & Decision Making. The panelists included  Irene Natividad (President of the Global Summit of Women), Theresa Der-Lan Yeh (ICW), and Rae Duff (National Council of Women of New Zealand). It was a lively panel hosted by the South Korean government, and provided a comparative analysis of the status of women in decision making roles within these countries.

Going to events like this really reinforces my research with WomenNC, and reminds me why I even began to study it in the first place. I have now been to several panel events on this topic, representing a variety of different countries, and this has proven to me that the barriers that women face in political leadership clearly transcend geographic borders. This work is so crucial. Here at CSW60, I have heard over and over again about the struggles we face in implementing gender comprehensive policies, and one of the best ways to achieve that is to increase the diversity of voices in leadership roles, especially the voices of women.

But now it's time to rest my brain and process all the information I collected today. I'm looking forward to a brand new day at CSW60 tomorrow!


  1. Maya I am glad that you are attending events which are related to your research .This will help you to compare NC community with other parts of the world. Your rehearsal was fascistic tonight.Keep up the good work.

  2. Hopefully your research will lead to your very own run for office someday!