Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Joural 3--3rd Day at CSW!

Journal # 2
3rd Day going to CSW events!

            Today, Leah Ford and I started off the our day by sitting in on the UN General Assembly’s update on Women’s Issues. In this session various countries discussed how they plan to implement the SDGs, particularly SDG #5 on women’s human rights into their country. It was incredibly interesting to see how women’s issues impacted every county. From Botswana to Canada to Israel to Poland, every single county told stories of systematic oppression of women.

Leah and I at the UN General Assembly
 I also went to an event on the exploitation of women’s bodies. This event was absolutely amazing. I learned a lot of about porn, prostitution and surrogacy as systems of oppression. We learned that 90% of the top watched scenes in porn involved violence against the women. We also learned that scenes with teen girls have grown 3 times since 2005. It was so interesting to hear the perspective that sexual violence against women can’t be ended unless we take down the structures of pornography and prostitution.
Later in the day went to a reception where we got to network with so many amazing people! I got to talk to Peggy Kerry, Bandana Rana (DISTINGUISHED WOMEN OF THE YEAR) and various other amazing people! Over all, today was amazing and I look forward to my sessions tomorrow.

Maya, Leah, Maddy and I with Peggy Kerry!

Bandana Rana! Women of the year!


  1. very important conclusion on Violence against women. Beautiful pictures. Wish you another good day.

  2. Interesting, such a divide about sex work among feminists. Will be interested to hear your take.