Sunday, March 13, 2016

Day one - Consultation Day

My first official day here in New York was mind-boggling to say the least.  To be surrounded by so many passionate women so dedicated and fighting for justice for women made me feel empowered.  The  sense of solidarity and love I felt sitting in the auditorium for Consultation Day almost brought me to tears.  If Consultation Day reaffirmed anything for me today, it’s that there is power in coalition building and collective action.  The voice of an individual matters in movements for change.
The panel emphasized the importance of implementation and financing of policy that will advance women.  Such alliances and a global collective are crucial for the implementation of policy focused on women.  The government needs the influence from society for the most effective policy. To see women like Saida Ali and Karen Abuzayd preach about their advocacy and experiences filled my heart with joy.  There are people all over the world fighting and advocating for the same things I am; for justice for women.  Women are oppressed everywhere and in every country, but it’s up to us to work towards a society that honors women.  
Poets Aliza and Naima, of Climbing PoeTree spoke on the power of women through spoken word.  Stacy Beyer emphasized women’s right to live her own way.  We heard from amazing activist like Lakshmi Puri, from UN Women, who stressed the importance of the role civil society play policy processes.  Innovation is the key to changing mindsets, and women hold the key to innovation.  The main focus of Consultation Day was “No one left behind”.  Addressing issues that affect women means addressing issues for everyone.  It involves a cultural change that can’t happen overnight.  Our culture must recognize the control of women.  Our culture must recognize women as a key to solutions of justice.  We must move towards a global system that recognizes vision, courage and proactivity.  Today made me realize, there are powerful women everywhere making strides to just that.


  1. Leah,having more than 4000 NGOs from all over world here is very powerful as you felt it today warmly. Enjoy the CSW.

  2. Hope this week has been everything you hoped it would be and more.