Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blog #11- Tuesday-Liv

Blog #11- Terrific Tuesday-Liv

            The most interesting part of the day was the Ministerial Roundtable discussions from 10-1 today.  Although I could only stay for the first hour, I thoroughly enjoyed the messages of the representatives and learning about the processes of the Roundtable discussions.  It was refreshing that each country only gets 3 minutes to discuss their country’s status. 
This allows for equal and sufficient time for all countries to convey their messages.  After many other sessions which are not mediated as strictly, audience members and representatives run on with their comments which can become tedious to other listeners.  I was greatly appreciative of the 3 minute time limit.  The time limit also helped to keep my attention as was, as the speakers changed before I had time to lose focus.

            Of the most wonderful facts to hear, most countries expressed and increase in women in political and decision making levels in their governments.  If their number had not yet gone up, they all had a plan in place to ensure that women would be represented equally in legislation decisions.   It is crucial for every country to have women in leadership positions that they might advocate for all women, ensure proper legislation is created and passed.  A few of the countries emphasized the importance of having highly qualified women at upper governmental levels both at the local and national fronts.  Through my research for my topic I saw the importance of having qualified women at upper echelon levels of decision making and the impact that they can have on the world.


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  1. Yes, top-notch political leadership by women is crucial...in government, education, the military, and cultural life. I'm guessing we may see a few Fellows names on ballots one day. Hope so...