Saturday, March 7, 2015

First Day at the UN

After a lot of early-morning traveling, we finally arrived in New York! Our location is almost unreal; we can see the United Nations building from our hotel. I just want to thank WomenNC for allowing me to have this amazing opportunity. Thank you Beth, Lois, and Isabella for handling so many logistics. Thank you Leigh for being such a phenomenal mentor (wish you were here with us!). Thank you to all the WomenNC board members who work so tirelessly to make this trip a reality for us fellows.

We are all so excited for the next week here in New York; I've spent the last few hours making a list of all the events I want to go to. Now I have to prioritize - if only I could be in multiple places at once! I'm particularly interested in going to the events that focus on gender violence, especially in war zones, and how to combat that violence. Other interesting events I hope to go to will discuss how education can help prevent gender violence (hopefully they'll mention sexual education) and the importance of providing women and girls with economic opportunities. I am so excited for all of the things I will learn! It'll be especially great that all these sessions are so international: I want to learn about these issues from international perspectives, not just the U.S.

Tomorrow we will be going to an all-day event focused on the background of CSW and the Beijing Platform for Action. I'm incredibly excited to hear from all the speakers and begin my experience at CSW!


  1. Thank you Dana for those kind words and I am so excited to see the view from your eyes.

  2. Hi Dana! I hope you have the opportunity to see the spread of sex education around the world. Many approaches look very different from our sex ed in the U.S. with some countries who far exceed our effectiveness and others that are more restrained than ours in the U.S. I hope a number of regions will be represented to help lend some perspective on sex education's role in reproductive health and life course development. I'm excited for you!

  3. Really appreciate your thank you note. I know you are excited to see the international practice of your research. Also glad that you are thinking of it in broader terms and in combat situations. You will learn so much to share with us when you return. I know you are going to appreciate and relish this unique opportunity of CSW. Stay confident.