Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blog #9-Justine (One Week Until Departure!)

Hello all!

When I applied for this Fellowship, back in September, I thought that March seemed incredibly far-off. Somehow, it is already March 1st as I type this, and in exactly a week's time we will already be at the CSW Conference in New York City! I am so terribly excited, I can barely focus on studying for midterms this week (House of Cards season 3 on Netflix may also have something to do with my lack of drive to study...). 

On February 19th, my peer Fellows and I got to present our research to a large audience for the first time, and I can genuinely say I think it couldn't have gone any better. Everyone sounded so articulate, passionate, and calm, and as for myself--I think I can safely safe I have learned how to properly pace my speech! The rate at which I speak when presenting publicly is something I have been working on for a long time, and it was really rewarding to hear from our lovely speaking coach that I was sufficiently slow and easy to listen to! Miraculously, I also managed to finish my presentation in just under seven minutes! On the whole, the Local-to-Global dinner was such a success, it feels as though my nerves about speaking at the United Nations have completely quelled (for now!). 

Once we arrive at the CSW, we will be providing daily blog posts, so look for more updates following March 7th! For now, I'm going to head back to cramming for midterms, rushing through House of Cards, and packing for New York City! 


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  1. Looking back at this post a week later, I'll bet you are wondering where the week went. And now it's New York, New York, that wonderful town, and it is full of fascinating people to meet and learn about. Have a fantastic week!